Sunday, May 18, 2014

Room to Grow

When we moved into our current home last August, one of the first things I heard was that the woman who had previously lived here had a very green thumb.  Several neighbors told me about how beautifully she gardened the strip of land on the side of the house.  She grew all kinds of flowers and vegetables.

Well, when we moved in, the house had been sitting vacant all summer.  That strip of land was completely filled in with tall weeds, like so:

Pulling them out wasn't really that bad because they were very large and the soil was dry.  But the problem was that all those big clumps of grass had matured and dropped their seeds.  So that fall after we'd had a little rain, we ended up with this mess:

I worked as hard as I could before the snow flew to clear as much of it as possible but I didn't make a ton of progress.  When you look at our property as a whole this looks like a very small area but when you get out and work in it you realize it's a lot of space.  It's way more square footage than the 160 square feet of raised garden beds I had in Oklahoma.  

But, see, I am very glad to have it.  I really love to grow things.  I want this area to be green and vibrant and full of carefully cultivated flowers and vegetables.  

So I thought about it during the long winter and made some plans.  I splurged on some perennials from High Country Gardens, chosen for their deer and rabbit resistance as well as their appropriateness for my northern zone.  Salvia, gaillardia, pentstemon, etc.  I ordered these clear back before I was pregnant.  They weren't going to ship before planting time for my area-- about mid-May.  As that approached and my morning sickness set in, I groaned inwardly and seriously considered the Badger's preference of turning the entire planting bed into lawn.  

But I discovered that as long as I am not feeling too nasty, working in my garden bed is about the best thing I can do right now.  I try to get out there for at least an hour every day that I am not feeling too awful, and I really enjoy it when I do.  I am sitting down as I pull weeds and turn over the dirt with a trowel, and it's not strenuous.  I get a lot of fresh air and sunshine.  I am happy and productive when I am out there working on my little bit of earth.  And so when the perennials came, I had a place for them.  (In fact, I realized that even though I thought I had ordered a lot I still have an incredible amount of empty space left... but that is where I will grow vegetables and herbs.)  

I am feeling really happy about the way my garden is taking shape.  I have reclaimed a lot of ground, and it looks really good.  

But..... don't look too far back:  I still have a lot left to work on!

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Aflyonmyhomeschoolwall said...

What a joyful spring project. I wish you well.