Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Peanut Update

So now I will talk about Peanut.  She is now three and a half.  This is such a fun age! 

She likes to pretend she is one of her favoite characters as she goes about her imaginative days.  It is usually Little Bear.    So she will call me Mama Bear and ask me questions, expecting me to call her Litle Bear when I answer.   If I don't, she doesn't get mad, she just reminds me what I am supposed to call her.  She is a pretty easy-going kiddo. 

She loves to sing and tell stories and play outside.  She plays well with other children. 

She loves to pretend she is riding a horse.   She builds a horse out of any one of a number of materials (chairs, laundry baskets, pillows, etc.) and then uses a totebag as a saddle.   I guess I have blogged about the girls' "horses" before but it is very noteworthy how often Peanut engages in this particular imagination.  

She has been doing well with potty training lately, despite the fact that I have not been able to be at all consistent with her due to my current condition. 

She is at that rough age where sometimes her older siblings don't enjoy being around her because she makes messes and gets into stuff and doesn't understand things.  But they often remember that they think she is very cute and funny and that saves her from their unending wrath. 

She changes clothes about 14 times a day, as is typical of three year old girls.  And she loves to dress up. 

Peanut is adorable, fun, wonderful, and very dearly loved by everyone in the family. 

(I hoped to have pictures of everyone as I wrote these posts but that's just not going to happen right now... maybe later...)

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