Wednesday, May 28, 2014

On the Subject of the Rabbit

My Rabbit is winding up her Kindergarten year.  She totally rocked it and she pretty much loved every minute of it.  

She soared through all the academics, despite the fact that half the time we didn't do her homework. I think homework in Kindergarten is unnecessary (even though it was only a small amount),  so I wasn't very good at making sure she got it done.  In fact,  I think the rigorous academic standards they are putting on Kindergarteners these days are rather appalling and I feel sorry for any late bloomers (or even average bloomers) in there.  In the Rabbit's case, she is an early bloomer, so she had absolutely no problem.   She is now reading amazingly well, which is fun to watch.   And the standard of writing they brought her to is quite impressive.  She has really enjoyed the challenge, being the strong-willed and determined little critter she is. 

At home she is always sittting down with books and trying to read them.  She also loves to bring me little notes she has written for me.  She is particularly good at decorative borders and patterns on the notes.  I am quite impressed with this facet of her artistic skills. 

She has finally decided that she loves her ballet class and is moving up a level.  For awhile she wasn't sure and didn't always want to go.  I knew it was good for her though because she loves music so much.  (You should hear her sing!)

Socially,  I can't keep up with the kid.  She has so many friends at school and in the neighborhood.  She loves people and they love her.  I doubt I will see much of her this summer because ever since the weather got warm she always seems to be outside playing with one friend or another. 

I feel like this girl is growing up fast and I need to teach her as much as I can while I still can.  It worries me a little.  But she is still very close to me and loves to come and snuggle with us and tell us how much she loves us. 

A year ago I was concerned because she often wet her pants.  That's totally behind us now.  And she almost never sucks on a binky anymore, but sometimes.... 

She is still always the last one ready in the morning and has to be frequently reminded to stay on task with her morning routine.  When we arrive at school during the morning announcements it is usually because she dawdled a lot.  I put this down to her only being six years old. 

She is a beautiful and delightful person and we love having her in our family! 

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Frances Robbins said...

I am lovin' these updates Sarah! :)