Saturday, May 3, 2014

An Unexpected Visit

When I was five years old, my oldest brother (who is 18 years older than I am) got married.  Oh boy, that was exciting!  Then, a couple of years later, my brother and sister-in-law had an adorable baby boy.  

That made me an aunt at age seven.  I was over the moon.  I doted on my nephew like only a seven-year-old can.  

Whenever they visited, I was always right there with him, helping with whatever his mom was doing with him.  One time we gave him a bath in my mom's giant mixing bowl.  

I made him a quilt-- my first sewing project.  It is the ugliest quilt on the planet-- made from scraps in my mom's stash from the 70's-- but he treasured it all growing up and as of a few years ago he still had it.  

As he grew, I taught him lots of things.  When he was three, I helped teach him to read.  I am not kidding.  He is brilliant and you might not believe me but he could read when he was three.  

I was his favorite aunt.  

Now he is all grown up and married with a baby boy of his own.  

One day a few weeks ago I got this phone call out of the blue from his wife.  "Can we come visit you... tomorrow?" she asked.  

Of course!

So they came!  I don't think they realized just how long and tedious the drive was going to be.  And the weather was cold and nasty while they were here.  So we mostly just hung out at my house and talked and enjoyed their company.  

Their little boy is the darlingest little thing, and he is so brilliant, just like his dad.

I am so glad we got to meet him and get to know him while he is little.  Thanks, Matt and Kira, for driving all the way up here to see us!  Please come again! 

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