Friday, May 30, 2014

All About Roo

Roo is triumphantly finishing up second grade.  She had a great year.  She is above grade level in most things.  She loves school as has been totally self-motivated with homework (usually just reading, which I have no problem with.) 

She decided in January she wanted to homeschool in the fall.  I was surprised,  since she loves school so much, and I waited to see if it was a passing fancy.  But it wasn't.   She made up her mind and she is excited to be coming back home with me.  I am so excited to teach her.... I can't even tell you.  I know I can load her up with every awesome curriculum I can get my hands on, plan out a schedule weeks in advance,  and she will cheerfully cruise through everything.   She will write paragraphs for me even.  I can't even imagine.   I will still have plenty of time to work with my other homeschooler who needs at little more... ahem... motivation.  And I am hoping said other homeschoolers competitiveness will come into play and he will work harder so as not to get beat by his sister four grades behind him.  That would be a good thing.  

Despite the fact that she is much more shy and reserved than Rabbit, Roo had lots of friends at school.  She never had any bad experiences socially, which blows my mind.   Her main friends seemed to be the more popular girls, though she was never sucked into "popular girl" culture I remember from school.  She never felt a need to follow the herd.  I have never heard her say she had to dress a certain way or listen to certain music or have certain things because that's what her friends did or had.  And the only friend drama I ever heard about was her mentioning casually that two of her friends fought with each other sometimes. 

Roo just barely learned to ride a bike.  She is so pleased.  She could have learned before now (both my boys were five when they learned) but this is the first time we have been in a decent setup for bike riding in a long time.  Now she has been begging to be allowed to ride her bike to school.  The Badger and I don't feel like she has enough control yet, especially the ability to stop quickly, so we have told her no.  This morning she cried noisily about that for about ten minutes.   Such emotional outbursts are rare for her and I felt really bad, but I truly did not think it was safe. 

Roo is my most autonomous child.  She takes care of herself without me reminding her.  I usually only have to tell her to do something once and it gets done.  She doesn't forget to brush her teeth.   She does her own hair, which doesn't look as neat as if I had done it, but in a few years she will be way better than me at hair (not that that would be hard...)  She takes very good care of her clothing, putting it away in her drawers when she is done wearing it (imagine that!)  When I fold the laundry, there is usually a big pile for each of other kids, but only a couple items for Roo because she doesn't get her clothes dirty. 

Roo loves to play fairies and princesses.  She loves to dress up and create her own dressup creations.  She loves to draw and, like Rabbit, often brings me cute little notes and pictures.   She also loves to play outside and plays with the neighborhood kids a lot. 

She loves her ballet class tremendously.   She also loved a music (mostly singing) class she took at the YMCA this spring.  And of course she still loves her violin and is doing very well with it. 

For a long time, Roo absolutely could not go to sleep at night unless I came in her room and sang to her.   I half loved this and it half drove me crazy because she would always come say "I'm ready for you to come sing to me" right when Prince Charming was hitting the wall and needed me and then after I got him settled I didn't want to drag myself out of bed again.   But when I did I always loved singing to her (and Rabbit) and watching her quietly drift off to sleep.  I knew it was a precious time.  When I couldn't go sing to her the Badger usually would, but if no one did I found out later she would cry herself to sleep (sad!)  But since I have been so sick she has been more understanding and goes to bed by herself more of the time.  The Badger usually does sing to her though (I have the best Badger!) 

So that's pretty much Roo these days.  I can't believe how lucky I am to have her and I enjoy every second I spend with her. 

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