Sunday, March 2, 2014


It's definitely still winter here.  The cold and the snow have not let up yet.  

It has taken us awhile to get used to shoveling... in fact I have often felt guilty this winter because our neighbor always beats us to shoveling in front of the neighborhood mailbox, which is mostly in front of our house and only a little bit in front of his.  Our neighbors on either side of us grew up in these kinds of climates and both of them are shoveling machines.  They can clear a driveway in ten minutes flat.  It's inspiring to watch them.  

But Bean is getting better at shoveling.  He likes it now that he has started trying to pile all the snow up in two huge piles on either side of the driveway.  He is going to build snow forts out of them.  The more snow he can shovel onto them the better his forts will be.  So lately he is always excited to shovel.  

We have cool icicles on our house!  Can you see  them?  

I wondered how I would handle the winter here.  I am doing fine.  In fact, I am still enjoying it.  I think the snow is so pretty.  Bean is the only one who is struggling.  I didn't realize how hard it would be for him.  He is used to being able to jump on the trampoline all year round and in Oklahoma jumping on the trampoline was a huge part of his emotional health.  I knew he jumped a lot and it helped him de-stress, but I didn't realize how much it meant to him.  He is doing okay, he just feels really cooped up right now.  

Even  though it's March now, I am not letting myself think about spring yet.  It probably won't be here for six weeks or more, so I am just trying to keep on enjoying the beautiful winter.  

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