Sunday, March 9, 2014

Winter Organization

With all the winter gear it takes to outfit a family of eight, I am grateful for a foyer and a coat closet.  I had neither in Oklahoma, but all we needed there was the nifty coat hooks and shoe rack that the Badger made and installed next to the front door.  

We still have those in our foyer, but the coat hooks were getting completely overloaded with all the snow pants and heavy parkas. I started out the winter by just putting all the mittens and hats and things in a laundry basket at the bottom of the coat closet-- I figured it would be more likely that the kids would put these items away if they just had to toss them into a basket.  But there got to be so many in there that it was getting hard to find stuff-- especially MY stuff.  So I got me one of these:

This isn't anything new or remarkable, but I am sure loving it.  I used four Command adhesive hooks to hang it up instead of the metal over-the-door hooks.  We still have the laundry basket for the kids to toss into because there aren't enough pockets for all our hats/gloves, but at least I can now find MY hat and gloves easily.  

Then for the snow pants I installed some hooks inside the coat closet.  These were some hooks I already had and was wondering what to do with.  I was tickled to find such a good use for them.

And, finally, I have always bought cheap plastic hangars, but they just weren't holding up our heavy winter coats.  So I looked at Walmart and, Behold!  Heavy-duty plastic hangars!  You probably all knew about these ages ago, but this was the first time I had discovered them.  I am in love.  The Badger's enormous 20 pound Land's End parka doesn't fall off the hangar anymore!  See how much thicker they are?

It has taken us clear until March to get this all figured out, what with everything else we have going on around here.  But little bits of progress in organization feel so good to me!  The way your family flows through your house makes a big difference in the tone of your home, and the larger your family the more important good flow is.  

The weather here today was gorgeous.  The Badger cleaned out the garage and Bean got up on the roof and took down the Christmas lights (he had a blast up there!)  So it looks like we got winter figured out just in time for spring.  

But I am definitely not complaining about spring!

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