Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Prince Charming's New Throne

I believe in good car seats.  A few years ago when the Rabbit was a baby I somehow got onto the topic of car seat safety and watched a bunch of crash test videos.  So when it was time to upgrade her from an infant car seat I bought her a Britax Marathon.  Good seat, that.  Britax seats have a lot going for them.

But then my friend introduced me to the Radian car seats.  They are similar to the Britax seats in terms of quality and safety (and about in the same price range) but they have one redeeming quality that is critical for a large family: they have a narrower base which allows you to easily fit three across in a car.  You can't do that with any other seat on the market, even the cheap ones.   

I bought a Radian a couple years ago for Roo and I have loved it, especially the narrower profile.  The Radians can be used from birth to 80 pounds or so, but I like to put my tiny infants in an infant seat so I can take them in and out of the car in their seat.  So Prince Charming has been riding in a Graco infant seat until now... when he finally exceeded the weight limit (he's a little on the small side so it took awhile.)  

I planned ahead, I budgeted, I shopped for a deal (got a good one!), and I bought Prince Charming a Radian RXT.  I am so pleased with it!  I think he finds it very comfortable:

Must be all that memory foam.  He's clocked.  

I will keep him rear-facing for at least another year.  Rear-facing is SO much safer for little people in crashes.  
The challenge I have now is playing car seat shuffle once again with four car seats, trying to position everyone so that they are optimally and comfortably situated.  It's getting harder and harder.  Right now the way things have to be is that the Britax seat I bought for the Rabbit (that is now set up for Peanut) has to go next to Prince Charming's Throne.  And since I don't have a sliding door on the driver's side and since the Radian seats have a way lower profile than the Britax seats, it's a little awkward getting my little guy in and out of his Throne.  

If I could buy another Radian seat to put in that spot it would make it a lot easier, but I will have to wait a couple of months before I can work that into the budget.  In the mean time, at least everyone is safe and secure and comfortable in the car.  

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