Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pinewood Finale

There are all these sad "lasts" as Fish approaches the end of his Cub Scout career:  last Blue and Gold Banquet.... last Pinewood Derby....

Fish's last Pinewood Derby was great.  Even after all these years, I still haven't really gotten the hang of putting the cars together.  We are always lucky to show up with something with four wheels, let alone try to craft a car that might actually win.  I have learned that the alignment of the wheels is extremely important, but I've never gotten good at aligning the wheels properly.  (And it always seems like the Badger ends up out of town when we're trying to make our cars!)

This year, the Badger shaped Fish's block of wood with what tools he still has after our move.  Together they spray painted it brown.  Then the Badger left town and it was up to me to make sure everything else got done.  I turned full responsibility for this over to Fish.  He painted wavy green lines on the car and called it his "nature car."  He was very happy with it.  And then he put the wheels on himself.

I managed to get everyone to the derby-- on time!  A nice dad helped Fish adjust his wheels and apply graphite to them.  And the racing began.  

Fish's car came in first three out of his four heats, and second in the last one.  He was so happy to see his car win!  I was excited too.  We haven't won very many Pinewood Derby heats.  It was great to go out with a bang.  

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