Saturday, February 22, 2014

Valentines 2014

So, I mentioned before how I didn't want to just buy Valentine cards at the store for the kids to take to their classmates.  I also didn't want to kill myself making anything really elaborate.  So we got on Pinterest and looked at various ideas and found a happy medium.  We had fun making them and the kids were really happy with them.  

The Rabbit wanted flower lollipops.  This was what we ended up with.  They were the most work of any of the kids', but still not too bad, and the Rabbit did a lot of it herself.  She is a very motivated kid with excellent fine-motor skills and I can see a lot of really neat craft projects in our future.

On one side of the petal she wrote the To and From stuff and then she decided all on her own to write "you are my friend" on the back of each petal.  What a sweetie!

Roo wanted to give Reese's peanut butter cups to her classmates.  Roo has a thing about Reese's-- she is absolutely crazy about them.  It's pretty cute how when she sees them she says "oooooohhh..... REEEEEESE's...."  We had to figure out some way to make a peanut butter cup Valentine-y, and this is what I came up with:  

Simple and easy.  I just printed them and Roo did the rest.  

So then when we were on Pinterest, I saw these Yoda Valentines with a free printable and I loved them so much and I knew Fish would too so I just had to go get them color-printed and go to the dollar store and buy glow sticks... you understand, don't you?  

Here's Fish with his Valentine box he made in a hurry the morning of... using Christmas wrapping paper.  This idea of having the kids make their Valentine boxes at home was new to me, and I must admit I wasn't very motivated to get creative with it since I had enough on my plate with the Valentines.  I was glad he put this together himself and was happy with it.  When I went to the school for the parties I saw that some of the kids had these really elaborate boxes that were really fun to see... but Fish's wasn't the only one with Christmas paper on it so it was totally okay.  

Once they were out the door on their way to school I got going on the treats for their class parties.  The Rabbit's class was having ice cream sundaes and all I had to do was bring a bag of gummy bears.  For Roo's class I just had to make a tray of cheese and crackers with the cheese cut in heart shapes (this was super popular, by the way.)  But for Fish's class I got to have some fun baking.  I found this recipe on Pinterest for chocolate Valentine kiss cookies.  They were so fun to make, especially with Peanut helping!  

Balls of chocolate dough rolled in Valentine sprinkles... as soon as they come out of the oven you pop a Hershey's kiss in the middle of each one.  

I forgot to take a picture of them when they were all done, but they were adorable.  Mine did look exactly like the picture on the website I got them from, so take a look.  They were very popular at Fish's class party, and they were really yummy, if I do say so myself.  

One of the things I love most about being a mom is doing fun stuff for holidays.  I always looked forward to that and then in my early years of motherhood I used to get so frustrated that doing the fun holiday stuff never turned out as picture perfect as I had imagined.  I would beat myself up over not doing enough and I would blame my kids for being so difficult.  Once I learned to get over that and not stress I have really enjoyed holiday activities with my children.  We do what we can do and don't worry about what we can't do and I'm starting to learn to take little people holiday melt-downs in stride.  We had a great Valentine's day this year!

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