Friday, February 28, 2014

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?

I gave Peanut a haircut.  Afterwards both Bean and I had the exact same thought:  she looks like Maria from The Sound of Music.  (Which is a movie my entire family has memorized, by the way.)  

I thought this was an apt comparison because of Peanut's behavior lately.  

She has done a lot of really naughty things.  Like painting her tongue with nail polish.  And dumping half a bottle of hair detangling lotion all over my carpet.  And rubbing half a bottle of hand sanitizer into her hair.  And unrolling all the toilet paper.  And spraying her baby brother in the face repeatedly with cleaning spray (that, my friends, is why I favor non-toxic household products!)  Every time I turn around she is into a cupboard or drawer or cabinet that is supposed to be off-limits.  

And then there was the whole reason I cut her hair in the first place.  To try to minimize the damage from where she hacked off a big chunk of it herself.  

My kids have cut their own hair before-- it seems to be a rite of passage for kids.  But never has any one of them cut so much of it so close to their head.  Not even the Rabbit.  

How do you solve a problem like Maria?  
How do you hold a moonbeam in your hand?  


Melanie said...

I agree, it does seem to be something children want to try out. My little darlings have all tried it. Our third child tried a slightly different approach, she pulled out her eyebrows and a 2-3 inch circle of hair on the crown of her head. We went with a short layered pixie style haircut that covered up most of the baldness. I will say the missing eyebrows got more comments than the bald top of her head. I am pleased to say she is now 15 yrs. old with beautiful long hair and eyebrows:)

Dr. Croc said...

Her cousin Sophie cut her own hair several times. I don't think Sophie put down the scissors until age seven, so you might be in for a few rough years.