Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Marvelous Day for a Marvelous Little Girl

A couple of weeks ago our little Roo was baptized.  She was so excited during the days and weeks leading up to it.  Roo is one of the most intrinsically Christlike people I have ever met, so choosing to make a commitment to follow Christ was as natural for her as breathing.  

We live in an area where baptisms are rare enough that she had her own baptismal service just for her.  This meant we could plan it whenever we wanted (on her birthday!) and she got to choose all the music and speakers and everything.  We decided to have it mid-morning and then invite everyone over to our house afterwards for lunch to celebrate.  

The morning of her baptism there was lots of fresh snow on the ground. We had talked about the symbolism of the color white and she had been excited to have a new white dress and a white birthday cake, and now the whole entire world had turned white just for her baptism! When I spoke at her baptism I read Isaiah 1:18: "Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool." I told her I hoped that throughout her life every time she saw fresh snow she would think of Jesus and her baptism day. 

Here is a picture of Roo and her dad, who baptized her, right before the service began.

There was such a sweet spirit present during the service.   We had about 30 people come-- mostly friends from church but also two of Roo's teachers from school.  My four oldest children sang the same song they sang at Fish's baptism:  Come Into the Water by Melanie Hoffman.  I love that song, and I love that it is becoming a tradition at our family baptisms.  It always adds so much to the spirit present.  

"Come into the water
Come and be baptized
Come and follow Jesus to a better life
Come and take the first step
Leave the world behind
In the water"

Most everyone came over afterwards for lunch.  We served a nacho bar: chips, chili, cheese sauce, salsa, tomatoes, lettuces, etc.  I had also baked a ton of cookies.  The house was full to the brim with happy, well-fed people.  It was great.  

Here comes the Badger with Roo's cake:

Here is Roo's reaction to her cake:

Some people had brought small presents for Roo (though they weren't expected to) and so we let her open all her presents with everyone there to watch.  I thought it was cute how all the kids crowded around.

Here's the white cake.   I forgot to buy white candles.  I also forgot to buy ice cream.  But if that was the worst thing that happened that day (and it was) then it was a pretty awesome day (which is was.)  

We bought her a beautiful white dress to wear after she was baptized.  What was fun was that I ended up picking out the same one (on Amazon) that my sister-in-law picked out for Roo's cousin, who got baptized in December.  It was short-sleeved though, so the next day when she wore it to church she wore a pink bolero jacket over it to keep warm.  (This picture was taking Sunday morning.)

My sweet, beautiful Roo.  I love you more than I can say.  You are sweet and kind and gentle and loving.  I love to listen to you laugh and I love how you are always finding things to laugh about.  I love to watch you run-- you look like a baby colt when you run, with your long slender arms and legs flying out to the sides.  I love how you are always drawing pictures and giving them to people along with sweet notes expressing your love.  I love how you take on every new challenge with confidence.  I love how you still desperately want me to sing you to sleep at night.  And I love your shining eyes.  Thank you for being such a good example to me and for being so patient with me.  It is such a privilege to be your mother.  

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