Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Daddy's Airplane

We went down to the airport a few days ago to take a look at the airplane Daddy flies at this new job.  It's a beautiful plane!  I didn't get any exterior pictures because it was really really windy.  But here's the kids inside:


Smile, Fish...

Where shall we fly to today, Bean?
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Art Gallery

I love my kids' artwork.  Several of them spend a lot of time drawing.  Two of my girls are constantly bringing me folded up papers with "To Mom" written on the outside and a picture (usually of a princess or a fairy) on the inside. 

For example, here is a fairy and a princess drawn by the Rabbit:

Here are some members of our family drawn by the Rabbit:

Here is a birthday card Roo made me.  I love the details on the dresses. 

And, finally, here is one of Fish's latest.  

I love my kids' artwork!
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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Hail Storm

The weather was so cold and rainy on Memorial Day that we had to cancel all our plans and just hang out at home.  We had a nice day together though.  At one point in the afternoon we had a hail storm.  Nothing bigger than a dime, so small potatoes to someone from Oklahoma, but it really came down for awhile.  Here's Bean hiding under the trampoline. 

Oh, and watching hail stones bounce off a trampoline is really entertaining!
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Today, I'd like to randomly post some pictures of my house when it's messy.   Just for fun. 

Here's my room:

The kids' room... actually, this isn't that bad for the kids' room. 

Someone's been eating peanut butter and applesauce and grapes and cottage cheese at the computer... naughty naughty!
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Happy Birthday to MEEEEEEE!

Here are some pictures of my recent birthday celebration!  I decided I wanted Navajo tacos for our big meal.  It was a big hit!

Roo set the table.  Thank you, Roo!

Gather 'round... the eatin's good!

Here was my creation... I can't believe I ate it all!

Here was the Badger's masterpiece... I can't believe he ate it all!

So, then, my big present was an ice cream maker.  We had one before but it broke, and this time the Badger decided it was time for us to get a big one that held a lot of ice cream.  Those little 1.5 quart ones are definitely too small for my family, so this one holds a gallon! 

Look at this!  Yumminess!  The best part is that it's entirely sweetened with honey.  And made with organic milk and cream. 

The whole meal was absolutely fabulous.  What a birthday!
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Friday, May 24, 2013

Angels in Oklahoma

I am thinking about the night of March 3rd of this year and the desperate straits I felt myself to be in at that point.  That was Moving Week.  The house was not yet fully packed.  My to-do list was ridiculously long.  Both my saintly father-in-law and myself were wiped out, and we had just found out that the Badger's return flight was going to be delayed.  We had had everything carefully timed and we needed him to arrive on schedule in order to accomplish the many items on his list, so this was very stressful news. 

We considered moving the entire schedule of the move back 48 hours.  However, there was a massive winter storm on its way and that would put us right in the middle of it.  We had to go forward as planned, even though we were hopelessly behind. 

That night, I prayed really hard.  I prayed that God would send angels to help us.  Lots of them. 

Starting the next day, people started calling.  "Do you need some help today?"  Ummm... yes, please!  Or they just showed up.  I couldn't believe how many people there were, how long they stayed, and how much they did.  One couple from church spent the better part of two days at our house doing anything and everything, even though they were both well-past retirement age. 

As is typical when you're a Mormon and you're moving, we had arranged a time with the Elder's Quorum president for men from church to show and and help us load the big heavy stuff on the truck.  When that time came there were so many people there I was scrambling to find things for them all to do.  They cheerfully and quickly did everything I asked them, and more. 

The Young Women organization-- a group of teenage girls and their leaders-- came and cleaned my entire house top to bottom in under two hours.  They did a beautiful job. 

The next day there were several who stayed with us for hours helping us with those odds and ends that always seem to take forever at the end of the move.  People brought us food and ran errands for us. 

Then there were my neighbors and some dear friends--  not from my church but fellow disciples of Christ-- who watched my kids, fed us, and gave us a place to stay that last night.  And when we finally had to leave and there was still a pile of furniture and loose ends in the garage my sweet neighbor and her teenage sons took care of it for us.  They also fed the cat for several weeks until the new owners arrived and took over.

Angels, indeed.

I have spent a lot of time on internet news sites this week viewing coverage of the massive tornado in Oklahoma.  It is shocking and scary and horrible and my heart aches for those affected. 

However, I know they will be helped.  They will be fed, they will be sheltered, they will be generously succored as they rebuild. 

I know this because I know that Oklahoma is full of angels. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Binky Wars

You may recall the trouble we had with binkies (pacifiers) when Peanut was born.  The Rabbit, who had been recently weaned of binkies, kept stealing her baby sister's binky.  We eventually decided it was a battle we were just not going to fight.  About a year later, as the Rabbit was approaching her fourth birthday we reasoned with her and made her understand that if she kept sucking on a binky her teeth were going to look gross and the dentist was going to have to do scary things to her teeth to fix them.  And so she stopped. 

I always said "I am NOT going to be one of those parents that lets their kids suck on binkies until they're four!"  Then I had the Rabbit.  Do not ever say "My kids are never going to....."  because you're just asking for it. 

So then when Prince Charming was born and he was such a mellow little soul, we said "wouldn't it be nice to not give him a binky?  Then we could take away Peanut's too and just be done with the stupid things!"  So we tried life with Baby without binkies.  It turned out to be very parent-intensive (hold the baby, bounce the baby, soothe the baby, listen to the baby scream in the car...) and after a few weeks the Badger said to me one day "if we don't go buy some binkies I will go insane." 

So I bought some blue binkies.  All of Peanut's were pink.  I had this dumb idea that I would be able to keep them separate. 

I quickly realized that any and all binkies were common property.  Peanut would steal Prince Charming's, or I would be in a store and he would be screaming and the only binky in my purse was pink.  I got over the "my son is sucking on a pink binky" thing really fast. 

And then I noticed that the Rabbit was sneaking binkies.  AT AGE FIVE.  I would find her hiding under a blanket with a binky in her mouth.  It started out as an every once-in-awhile thing but has evolved into a constant.   I am always having to tell her to take the binky out of her mouth. 

So now we have binky wars at my house.  Peanut or the Rabbit steals the baby's binky.  The baby cries.  I give the binky back to him.  Then Peanut/Rabbit cries.  Then I go hunting for another binky.  Finding binkies is always hard and they're always turning up in strange places, but when you have a five-year-old messing with them it's way worse.  We go places and she brings one in her pocket and I don't know it and then she leaves it there.  Or she loses it outside.  Or she puts it in one of the little purses that she carries around with her and stashes it in some remote corner. 

I remember one time we tried to go on a nice family drive through the beautiful countryside and the whole time either Prince Charming or Peanut was screaming at the top of their lungs because the other individual had the binky. 

As I was writing this post with Prince Charming on my lap, Peanut came up to me crying because of something Rabbit had done and stole Prince Charming's binky.  Of course he started to cry, so I gave it back to him, which made Peanut cry.  And then I turned around and there was Rabbit with a big blue piece of plastic covering her mouth.  Sigh. 

I am trying not to get too worked up over this.  Judge me if you will, but there are worse things in life, and as I said before, you have to pick your battles.  So my strategy right now is to have enough binkies kicking around the house (and car!)  that there is always one available when I need one.  But, as I've often said before and even after all this, I still don't know how many that is.  How many of the silly things do I have to buy in order to always have one when I need one? 

I've bought six already this month!
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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Spring Green

At long last, we have leaves on our willow tree out back.  Aren't they lovely?

We've been getting some rain here and everything is fresh and green.  Our little tiny yard is quite a pleasant place. 

Here is Peanut dancing around the yard wearing my Happy Birthday socks and no pants. 

Yay for spring!
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Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Jolly Evening

The other night we went to the school for a special "Technology Night" in Bean's classroom.   The kids got to show us all the nifty things they have been doing with iPads, etc.  Bean wrote a great story and recorded himself reading it and we got to listen to it on the iPad.  It was awesome!

I think Bean is really enjoying school, oddly enough. 

After we were done, it was such a beautiful evening I let the kids play on the school playground for awhile.  Here they are playing "Pac Man Tag:" 

Hi, it's me!  And Prince Charming!  And mountains!  Yay!

After that we took a little drive out in the countryside a short ways.  It was such a pretty evening and I can't believe how green everything is right now!

There are deer everywhere in these parts.  When we first moved here we saw them just about anytime we went anywhere, even right in town.  Now that spring is here there seems to be fewer of them in and near the town, but it's still not uncommon to see them

Hello, friendly horsies! 

What a jolly evening!
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Friday, May 17, 2013

Singing, Dancing Rabbit

The Rabbit has been taking a little music class at the YMCA.  She loves it, and I love watching her because she loves to sing and she's so adorable. 


I'm a little teapot...

There's a part where they are teapots dancing around in a circle and when they do it the Rabbit puts the funniest pout on her face.  I tried to catch it with my camera and got a lot of blur.  This one was the best I could do:

I love my singing, dancing Rabbit!  I eagerly await her career in musical theater!
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Springtime Snapshots

I love May.  Wherever I have lived, May has always been glorious.  It's a time when I am just thrilled to be alive and to get to be on this amazing planet.  I was lucky enough to be born in May and I count that a great honor. 

In May everything is so fresh and green and the evening light is glorious.  It's a great time of year to take pictures of my kids outside. 


In my new town I am pleased to discover lilac bushes EVERYWHERE and they're all about to bloom!  Oh, happy day!  Here are my girls by a lilac hedge at the church:

And finally, I LOVE this photo of the Badger and our little Prince Charming!  Don't you? 

Happy May, everyone!
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