Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Claudio is on the Loose

No, it's not possible to live without the internet, and we finally have it again. We upgraded my cell phone to a fancy critter that can do all those things that cell phones are doing these days like read my email and tell me where to go and how to get there. I didn't really need any of that, but this phone also acts as a wireless hotspot and I did need that, so now I'm having fun with the fancy phone.

And I can't believe how great this internet is working!

OH, I have so much to share! But it's midnight (I finally finished going through hundreds of email messages...) so I will just share one thing, and it's probably not the thing you really want to know but I'm going to tell you anyway.

They told me we had tarantulas here. I'd seen some very small ones (the size of a large wolf spider or slightly bigger) and I figured that was the Oklahoma version of a tarantula. I could handle that.

Then a couple of days ago I'm doing my laundry (remember it's in the garage) and I notice that a tarantula the size of my hand with black hairy legs has just crawled in under the door to the backyard. I've seen them in zoos and pet stores and I know they are harmless but when you see one in your house for the first time it really shakes you up. They are so big and so hairy! You can't believe it's really a spider but it is.

I got the broom and tried to chase it back outside. I lost the battle and it scuttled under my dryer. When the Badger got home awhile later he looked under there and it wasn't there. So it is probably now somewhere in my garage, where it will turn up unexpectedly at some point. AAAACK!

I decided its name is Claudio. It's possible Claudio went back outside, but the Badger has now installed a good weather strip on the bottom of that door. If Claudio didn't go right back out, he's now stuck in there. If he is loose in my garage it is my fervent hope that:

1. he will feast himself on any brown recluses living in the garage (they are actually dangerous)


2. he is not a she about to have babies

From talking to the natives, I gather meeting individuals as large as Claudio in your house isn't really that common around here. I desperately hope this is true. I think that this unusually hot and dry summer may have caused more of them to migrate up this way.

I ought to start catching them for Christmas presents for my nephews. Beware of boxes from Aunt Birrd with air holes!