Sunday, June 25, 2017

Fish Selfies

When Fish had to wait for me in the car yesterday, I should have known there would be a bunch of goofy selfies on my phone.

Bird Friend

There was a fledgling robin that got slightly injured in our backyard.  Our kids adopted it and have been helping to take care of it.  Its mother hovers near and she has been feeding it, but it doesn't seem to mind the kids making it a bed in part of the doll house and giving it flying lessons.  At first I thought "oh boy, this is going to be a tragedy one way or another," but this has been going on for several days now and the bird seems to be doing really well.

They keep changing his name... every time I talk to one of the kids they're calling it something different.  Tiger, Meep, Prince Mario, whatever his name is, he sure is bringing my kids a lot of joy.

Friday, June 23, 2017

A New Favorite

I really love this Zevia soda, sweetened with stevia, which is an all-natural, zero-calorie sweetener.

I am not a soda drinker.  In fact, I have been known to get on quite a soapbox about how bad soda is for you.  But that's mostly because of the sugar and/or artificial stuff, which this doesn't have.

 I also am always telling the family we can't afford to drink our food budget.  Water is the beverage in our house.

But I also think moms deserve some little indulgences.  Right?   A secret stash of something that the kids aren't allowed to touch?

A cold, sweet soda sure tastes good when you've been working outside on a hot day.  And when I drink one of these, it satisfies my sugar craving and I stop thinking about ice cream.  And when you live perilously close to one of your favorite ice cream joints, that's a really good thing.

Long live Zevia!

A Terrifying Picture

I was going to put this off as long as possible, but they're ready now.  I'm not, but I have done this before.  I'm just going to go slow and try not to stress about it.



Thursday, June 22, 2017

June Days

Piano lessons are taking a summer break, but the Rabbit still plays all the time. 

Peanut helped me pick out some flowers at the nursery clearance sale. 

Bean has to start fires without matches for his wilderness survival merit badge.  We could get lots of smoke and singed stuff with the magnifying glass, but so far no flame.  No luck with any of the battery/steel wool/foil methods either.  What are we doing wrong?

Roo earned a beautiful doll from Target as her reward for finishing 5th grade in our homeschool. 

Little critters with crackers...

Frog and the Badger strolling through the woods... idyllic. 

Leaf loves water!

Playing at our favorite outdoor place. 

Oh, Rabbit!

This is my favorite view of the twins... ASLEEP.

Fish went to Space Camp at the Cosmosphere in Hutchinson, Kansas.  It was a huge sacrifice for us to get him there, but it was well worth it.  He loved it.  Here he is at camp graduation with his mission crew.  I remember when I was a kid in Minnesota I would see TV commercials for this same camp and I wanted to go SO BAD.  But it was in Kansas.  There was no way.  It felt fulfilling to send my kid there, especially since it was a dream come true for Fish too. 

Bean did this to my kitchen sign:

So I changed it to this:

Here is the Badger on Father's Day morning reading our traditional "I Love My Daddy" by Sebastian Braun. 

June is going well so far!


I. Love. Fireflies. 

We have a lot in our backyard this year, and they are bringing us much joy. 

I wish they weren't so hard to photograph. 

Frog, Peanut, and the Rabbit are my most enthusiastic firefly catchers this year. 

A Fairy Garden

For a long time now, the girls and I have been talking about making a fairy garden in the back corner of the backyard.  There's a garden plot back there that doesn't get a lot of sun, so it's not a terrific place for vegetables.  We have had this dream of filling it with bushes and flowers and a bench and an arbor and paving stones, and then adding fairy stuff like figurines and homemade fairy houses. 

We're still a ways out from having the money to put something like that together, but this year we wanted to do something.  I went to the plant nursery when they were having their end-of-season sale and everything was half off.  I bought a bunch of pretty flowers, and the girls were just thrilled.  We spent a very happy evening arranging and planting in part of the "fairy garden" area.  Since the plants are annuals, we can start over next year on a larger scale, but for now we are so excited to have our own little fairy garden.